What is EuroGentest?

EuroGentest is a project funded by the European Commission to harmonize the process of genetic testing, from sampling to counseling, across Europe. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all aspects of genetic testing are of high quality thereby providing accurate and reliable results for the benefit of the patients. More...

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Guidelines for diagnostic next-generation sequencing published
18 Jan 2016

Guidelines for utilisation of next-generation sequencing approaches in genetic diagnostics have been published on behalf of EuroGenTest and ESHG More...

Learning modules on genetic testing in familial breast and ovarian cancer
11 Jan 2016

Learning modules for health professionals created by University of Plymouth More...

Call for Comments - NGS Guidelines EuroGentest
02 Dec 2014

Dear EuroGentest members! We have been drafting guidelines for diagnostic NGS. This was an initiative, taken in the context of EuroGentest but many other colleagues have contributed to the discussions and the final document. We now invite the EuroGentest members and other interested professionals... More...

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