Workshop on Prioritizing genetic tests


From 28 Nov 2012
Until 29 Nov 2012


By Invitation Only


Aim of the workshop is to develop a consented recommendation for prioritizing of genetic tests.

Research into molecular genetics is leading to large numbers of new genetic tests available in health care practice. At the same time there are demands in many European countries to contain costs of public health care. As a consequence, situations may exist or arise where not all desirable tests can be funded by existing health care budgets.

To address the tension between limited health care budgets and increasing options for genetic testing, the Helmholtz Center Munich in collaboration with the Public and Professional Policy Committee (PPPC) of
the European Society for Human Genetics (ESHG) aims at developing guidance for the reasonable and fair prioritization of genetic tests.

As part of this process the Helmholtz Center Munich organizes a workshop for PPPC members and stakeholders from different backgrounds. During this workshop, first steps that were undertaken to work towards an explicit and ethically reflected guidance on how to prioritize genetic tests will be presented and discussed.

Aim of the workshop is to develop a consented recommendation for prioritizing of genetic tests. This recommendation will be applied to the Clinical Utility Gene Cards developed within the EuroGentest project to assess whether the resulting rank order is considered fair by the participants.

The workshop is oriented at the principles of accountability for reasonableness. Special attention is therefore paid to the rationales of the prioritization framework. In case disagreement cannot be resolved, the differing positions will be reported in the recommendation statement. To ensure transparency and revisability, the recommendation will be published for further stakeholder commenting before it is proposed to the ESHG board.

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