Genetic counselling guidelines

During the NoE EuroGentest 1 project, recommendations for genetic counselling were developed and a self-assessment tool for genetic counselling was released to help health professionals provide the best services to their patients.

With major shifts in the area of genetic testing today, such as the movement from post-natal to prenatal testing and the increase in the use of whole genome and exome sequencing the need for new counselling guidelines becomes apparent.

Pre-symptomatic testing

The pre-symptomatic testing guidelines have been published in the European Journal of Human Genetics: "Quality in genetic counselling for presymptomatic testing - clinical guidelines for practice across the range of genetic conditions"

Prenatal diagnosis

In May 2012 an expert workshop was held in Amsterdam to start the draft for the prenatal diagnosis guidelines. These guidelines were open to consultation and comments and the final draft is now being written.

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Direct-to-consumer testing

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