Eurogenetest 2 / Workpackage 10 "Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and gamete testing"

Expert meeting on PGD: report

Montpellier (France)

December 14th 2011

The objectives of this first meeting were to edit some guidelines for PGD for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in order to define the basis for an international harmonization of technological protocols. This meeting was held in Montpellier (France) on December 14th 2011.

Several experts in PGD for CF from different European countries (UK, Belgium, Greece, Spain, and Italy) as well as one expert from the USA attended the meeting.

In the morning, each participant presented his activity, the techniques used and results obtained. In the afternoon, a round table was organized to discuss different points: nomenclature, strategies to use, markers used, inclusion/ exclusion criteria (according to the severity of CF mutations) and reporting.

A draft of the guidelines has been written and should be finalized before summer 2012. The next meeting will be organized in Montpellier in June 2012 and will be dedicated to PGD guidelines for triplet disorders.

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