ESHG2011 report

The European Society of Human Genetics held its annual conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 28th - 30th 2011. As usual, the meeting was a great success in gathering clinical experts and research scientists to give lectures and have discussions on the latest developments in human genetics. As EuroGentest (EUGT) is involved in harmonizing genetic testing across Europe, the ESHG conference is the ideal forum to get in touch with a lot of people, involved in genetic practice; people for whom our organization can be an asset and vice versa. For this reason EuroGentest has been present with a booth in the exhibition hall of the ESHG meetings since 2007 and this year, at the start of EUGT2, we continued this tradition.


With three posters (see picture below)  we presented our three major focus areas: “Laboratory Quality Management”, highlighting the trainings and workshops that EuroGentest offers; “Genetic Counseling as part of Health Care”, with different action points that are addressed by EuroGentest to optimize genetic counseling and “Technology”, where we aid in implementing new technologies in a diagnostic setting. We are pleased to say that a lot of people showed an interest in EuroGentest. Many already knew and greatly appreciated some previous accomplishments of EuroGentest: the patient leaflets, the accreditation workshops and the clinical utility gene cards. Others were interesting in knowing what EuroGentest stands for, and how they could join our network.



We strive to continue this success for the next three years and we hope that you will come and visit us (again) at the next conference! Also, you can track EuroGentests presence at several other conferences on our website ( The organizing team would like to thank all the members of EUGT who attended and staffed the booth and helped with the set-up.


The EUGT2 team.



Several EUGT2 members were active at the ESHG2011 conference; click below for summaries of their workshops/meetings:

Preliminary program; One day symposium May 27th 2011: "Array in daily practice; promises and pitfalls" (R. Hastings, B. Sikkema-Raddatz)

EuroGentest/TechGene Satellite meeting : "Innovative Techniques in Genome Diagnostics" (E. Bakker, H. Scheffer)

Workshop 04 “Community Genetics and Legal Issues” (M. Cornel, M. Macek Jr.)

Workshop 9 “Clinical, social, and personal utility of genetic testing” (J. Schmidtke, U. Kristoffersson)

Workshop 11 “Diagnostic Cytogenetics” (R. Hastings, C. van Ravenswaaij-Arts)

Workshop 13 “Quality Control” (E. Dequeker, M. Morris)



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