Ancillary event at the 12th ICHG/ASHG Meeting in Montreal, October 13, 2011

EuroGentest and CanGèneTest are jointly organizing an ancillary event at the 12th ICHG/ASHG Meeting in Montreal, October 13, 2011.

Name/Title of Event: Challenges in the Translation of Genomic Innovations into Clinical Care

Day of Event: 10/13/2011 Thursday

Time of Event: N12:30 - P02:00

Hotel/Facility Name: Montreal Convention Center

Room Assignment: Room 513EF, Level 5

Apogee/CanGèneTest and EuroGentest are 2 major networks, sponsored by the Canadian institutes for health research and the European Commission, respectively, to deal with all aspects of genetic testing: Quality Management, Public Health, New Technologies and Education. The members of the network reach out to the colleagues in the genetic laboratories, practitioners in the genetic services, as well as to the patients, public and policy makers. The technological revolution enabling complete human genome sequencing at low costs will have a dramatic impact on our life and on our vision of life. This revolution challenges a broad spectrum of disciplines. Technological challenges include the development of infrastructure to handle the massive amount of data, to link the medical records with genetic information, to provide clinical validation and, last but not least, to prove the utility of full genome sequencing in a clinical context. In addition, ethical, social and legal questions need to be addressed before the massive introduction of this technology. Current practices in health care provision will need revision. What data or information will be returned to individuals? Which counseling will be given? Who will provide this counseling? It is of note that if this technology is to be generally used, there will be a serious shortage of clinicians with the required training to effectively interpret and communicate genetic risks. Which information will be entered into the medical records? And who ‘owns’ the data? It is important to take the time now to define a clear vision of where we - as a society - want to go with this technology and information. Members of Apogee/CanGèneTest and EuroGentest have thought about these issues. We would like to present different perspectives - and maybe a few solutions - during this session.


Brief introduction

François Rousseau, M.D., M.Sc, FRCPC (Quebec, Canada):

"The APOGEE-Net/CanGèneTest Network: A translational Pipeline for Genetic and Genomic Innovations."

Gert Matthijs, PhD (Leuven, Belgium):

“EuroGentest, a European network for the improvement and standardization of quality in genetic testing.”



Joris Vermeesch, PhD (Leuven, Belgium):

“External quality assessment for genome-wide assays: lessons from two pilot schemes on constitutional molecular karyotyping”.


Helena Kääriäinen, M.D., Ph.D (Helsinki, Finland):

“Genetic testing as part of Health Care”


Daniel Reinharz, M.D., Ph.D, FRCPC (Laval, Canada):

"Cost/effectiveness and cost/utility simulations for genetic and genomic health innovations"


Renaldo Battista, M.D., Sc.D., F.R.C.P.(C) (Montreal, Canada):

"Health Technology Assessment(HTA): springboard or hurdle for innovation in health care."

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