Educational units and centers in Europe

There are several web sites available on the internet created by educational centres which provide with online courses, lessons and information on genetics. Released: 20th March 2006

Genetics educational centres/activities in Europe

  • The National Genetics Education and Development Centre NHS

    The National Genetics Education and Development Centre was established to provide a focal point for genetics education and training throughout the NHS. The Centre aims to facilitate health professionals' knowledge and understanding of genetics, enabling them to keep pace with the rapidly expanding field of medical genetics.

  • The PHG Foundation (Foundation for Genomics and Population Health)

    The PHG Foundation (formerly the Public Health Genetics Unit, PHGU) is an independent policy think-tank and service development NGO with the mission making science work for health. It works to identify best ways to exploit genomic and biomedical science to improve health, and to promote the effective, responsible and equitable translation of scientific innovation into medical and public health policy and practice. The website features free educational resources including a Genomics and Policy News service and interactive tutorials on a range of topics relating to public health genomics and genetic testing.

  • The Centre for Education in Medical Genetics CEMG

    Training and course opportunities and resources in genetics for professionals.

  • The Public Health Genetics Network

    Genetics sources and documents for education in genetics for health professionals.

  • Openlab

    Lessons on genetics and practical training for secondary schools. Centre of Education, University of Calabria ( Italy)

  • Genethix

    Web site of genetic databases, biomedical information, lessons, articles, journals, online genetic information resources.

  • GIG

    The Genetic Interest Group (GIG) is a national alliance of organizations with a membership of over 130 charities which support children, families and individuals affected by genetic disorders. On the web site you can find genetics sources and documents for education in genetics for health professionals and public.


    Telethon is a major Italian non-profit Foundation responsible for raising and distributing funds for biomedical research in Italy, primarily in universities and non-profit research institutes.

    Supplying information to the public and raising awareness on the scientific and social issues related to Genetics and Hereditary Diseases is also part of Telethon's mission. The initiatives include courses and meetings for schools and associations and provides information to the lay public in Italy.


    This site has been set up to enable people to obtain information about a rare disease, specialized outpatient clinics, clinical laboratories, research projects, patients support groups and other interesting web sites in the world. Data collection is in progress in 20 European countries.

  • DNA from the beginning

    Organized in 3 sections: classical genetics, molecular genetics, and genetic organization and basic control. The science behind each concept is explained by animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.

  • Your genome

    Interactive website including different levels of knowledge in genetics: beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • The London IDEAS Genetics Knowledge Park

    The Park aims to enable people to make informed choices to reduce the burden of disease for which they are at genetic risk. The main activities are applied research, training and education for students, teachers, researchers and health professionals.

  • The human genome

    The site is produced by the Wellcome Trust, an independent research-funding charity. It aims to provide an accessible, balanced and up-to-date account of progress in understanding the human genome and the application of this understanding in different arenas – medical, personal and social.

Educational resources provided by private companies for the general public that can be accessed by health professionals

  • Roche Genetics Education Program

    A program developed to promote basic awareness of genetics in the general public, and offers an interactive tool to learn basic principles of genetics, a teachers manual. The material is available on-line in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

  • Affymetrix Outreach

    This web site offers a pilot curriculum, developed for high school science teachers, can be used to help teach students from multiple levels of life science classes about the function and use of microarrays. It is developed in stand-alone modules, some or all of the curriculum can be applied in life sciences, biology, genetics, and biotechnology classes.

  • Pfizer Genome. The secret of our life works

    In this web site there is available a Teacher's Activity Guide and Lesson Plans for elementary and high school levels.

  • Inspire

    INSPIRE ( Innovative Scheme for Post-docs in Research and Education) was a response to fears that science teaching in the United Kingdom is in crisis. In collaboration with the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline UK schools offer three-year contracts to postdoctoral researchers, combined with teacher-training course. INSPIRE allows the students to get a teaching qualification without dropping their research and gives alternative career option that is easier to fit a family around for female researchers (Peplow M., 2004).

  • The Department of Education of the American Museum of Natural History

    It has developed a broad array of resource materials designed to enhance the public's understanding of genomics and two special courses."The Genomic Revolution" is a three- day institute for teachers grade K-12, featuring classes taught by Museum curators and educators. "Genetics, Genomics, Genethics" is an on-line course offered by the Museum through Connected University.

Genetics educational centres/activities originating in countries outside Europe


  • Geneforum

    A new nonprofit organization, which enables citizens to confront advancements in genetic research and technology, to understand the science behind them, and to address important ethical, legal, and social questions.

  • Genetic Education Center

    Online material for educators interested in human genetics and the Human Genome Project of the University of Kansas Medical Center.

  • Coalition for Genetic Fairness

    A coalition of advocacy organizations, health professionals and industry leaders working to:1. Educate congressional policymakers and staff about the importance of legal protection of genetic information. 2. Ensure dissemination of meaningful genetic information on non-discrimination legislation.

  • The American Society of Human Genetics

    In this web site there is a part dedicated to educational resources with a list of sites about education on genetics for professionals.


    You can find documents, lessons, databases, bibliographies of the National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics ( NCHPEG ), (including dentists), which is a group of 120 diverse health organizations.

  • Genomic Resource Center

    Selection of online self-training modules to provide sources and documents for education in genetics for health professionals.

  • Human Genome Project Education Resources

    Online educational materials for educators and students.

  • Genetics Home Reference

    Online resources for health professionals.

  • Genetics & Your Practice Web Site

    Resources for a continuing medical genetics education for health professionals.

  • CDC Office Of Genomics and Disease Prevention

    USA Federal and academic public health practitioners provide resources on the use of family history information for the prevention of diseases and on the clinical validity and utility of selected tests.

  • GeneTests-GeneClinics

    The development and usage of two companion NIH-funded genetic testing information databases, GeneTests ( and GeneClinics (, now merged into one web site, reflect the steadily increasing use of genetic testing and the expanding audience for genetic testing information.

  • Understanding gene testing

    Information about what gene testing can and cannot tell you.

  • Genes and disease

    Information about genes and diseases.

  • Medicine and the new genetics

    Information for continuing medical education with different topics as gene therapy, pharmacogenomics, gene testing etc..

  • GeneTests

    A publicly funded web site resource providing medical genetics information which has been developed for physicians, other healthcare providers, and researchers.

  • Your genes your health

    A multimedia guide for genetic disorders.

  • Genetics origin

    This site provides biochemical methods and computer tools to allow students to use their own DNA "fingerprints" as a starting point in the study of human evolution

  • GEMdatabase

    The Genetic Education Materials (GEM) Database is a searchable listing of public health genetics policy documents and clinical genetics educational materials. It is a project of the National Newborn Screening and Genetics Resource Center (NNSGRC).

  • The Foundation for Genetic Education and Counseling (FGEC)

    The Foundation promotes 'genetic literacy' among the general public and serve as a resource for genetic counseling information for both the general public and their health care professions. Comprehend the medical facts related to Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, including the diagnosis, probable course of the syndrome and available treatment/management options

  • The New Genetics

    The New Genetics is a online resource for students and teachers including a list of links to educational centres and lessons.

  • Human Genome Project Information

    Human Genome Project and genetic publications, videos, posters, teaching aids, frequently asked questions, research, and bioscience career resources.

  • The Genetics Education Program for Nurses (GEPN)

    The GEPN offers genetics educational opportunities and resources for nurses. You can find on this site nursing curriculum modules , continuing medical education and educational resources.

  • Genetic Education for Native Americans (GENA)

    The GENA project provides mentoring opportunities to Native American students who are interested in genetic education, research and medicine.

  • Genetic Science Learning Center

    An educational resource that explains how genetics relates to our lives and society. It contains also lessons, activities and summer workshops for teachers.

  • Educational Resources

    An overview of genetics education resources offered to students, teachers and the general public through the National Human Genome Research Institute.

  • Enlivening Genetics Education

    Education resources for students and teachers.

  • Genetic Alliance

    A centralized repository of accessible information, offering the public tools to understand new genetic information and genomic technologies.

  • Genetics Through a Primary Care Lens

    Basic genetics information and case studies to facilitate teaching about genetics in primary-care settings for health professionals.

  • Genome projects of US Department of energy

    Information and education resources about human genome project for students and teachers.

  • The Dolan DNA Learning Center

    It has been developing multimedia animation programs since 1990 providing genetics resources for teachers (secondary and university levels).


  • The Centre for Genetics Education in Sydney

    The Centre is dedicated to providing current and relevant genetics information to individuals and family members affected by genetic conditions and the professionals who work with them.

  • Genetics Education at Melbourne University

    The Genetics Department has strong links to the community via in-service training programs for Biology teachers, practical workshops for VCE Biology students, lectures to school students, running practical programs for gifted children and the development of curriculum materials for the teaching of genetics.

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