Core competences in genetics for health professionals in Europe

The final version of the documents on "Core Competences in Genetics for Health Professionals in Europe" is now ready. After one year of consultation on the ESHG website, EuroGentest website and the EuroGentest workshop in Milan (27-27 October, 2007) the documents are now in a form that we feel can be shared with other professionals, patients and the public. As a result of feedback, the original single document has been completely revised and divided into four separate documents:

  1. The Executive Summary
  2. Background document (updated)
  3. Suggested core competences for health professionals who are generalists or specialising in a field other than genetics
  4. Suggested core competences for genetic specialists

The overall aim of this work is to enable national societies for health professionals to use the core competences as a basis to guide curricula and new initiatives in professional education. We are aware that for patients and the public these documents may be too detailed, but we can announce that another document addressing this topic is being produced as part of a parallel project titled "EuroGenGuide". Patient associations are playing the major role in producing this document.

You can download the documents from this page and we welcome any further final feedback.
You can email any comments to Domenico Coviello and Heather Skirton

Thank you for your support.

Domenico Coviello and Heather Skirton
ESHG Education Committee



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