Midwives Association

Country Name
LU_04.png Luxembourg Association Luxembourgeoise des Sages-Femmes [ more ]
AT_09.png Austria Austria Midwives Association [ more ]
BE_12.png Belgium Belgian Midwives Associations [ more ]
CZ_10.png Czech Republic Czech Association of Midwives [ more ]
DK_09.png Denmark Denmark Midwives Associations [ more ]
EU_12.png European Union European Midwives Association [ more ]
DE_11.png Germany German Midwives Associations [ more ]
WW_08.png Worldwide International Alliance of Midwives [ more ]
WW_09.png Worldwide International Confederation of Midwives [ more ]
IT_20.png Italy Italian Midwives Association [ more ]
LV_06.png Latvia Latvia Medical Professional Education Centre Nurses [ more ]
MT_03.png Malta Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses [ more ]
NL_14.png The Netherlands Midwives Association of the Netherlands KNOV [ more ]
IE_07.png Ireland Midwives Section, Irish Nurses Organisation [ more ]
LT_02.png Lithuania Ministry of Health of Republic of Lithuania [ more ]
Poland Poland Main Chamber of Nurses and Midwives [ more ]
PT_07.png Portugal Portuguese Nursing Association: [ more ]
ES_15.png Spain Spainish Midwives Associations [ more ]
CH_05.png Switzerland Swiss Midwives Associations [ more ]
test [ more ]
CY_02.png Cyprus The Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association [ more ]
FI_11.png Finland The Federation of Finnish Midwives [ more ]
GR_03.png Greece The Greek Midwives Association [ more ]
IS_04.png Iceland The Icelandic Midwives Association [ more ]
NO_06.png Norway The Norwegian Midwives Association [ more ]
UK_17.png United Kingdom UK Midwives Associations [ more ]

Resources and links

Polskiego Towarzystwa Poloznych

Website: http://www.zgptpol.am.lublin.pl

Asociación Española de Matronas

Website: http://www.mimatrona.com/

Asociación Extremeña de Matronas

Website: http://www.aexmatronas.org/

Federación Asociaciones de Matronas de España

Website: http://www.federacion-matronas.org

Schweizerischer Hebammenverband Fédération suisse des sages-femmes

Website: http://www.hebamme.ch/

Regionale Hebammenverbände in der Schweiz

Website: http://www.geburtskanal.de/Links/HebammenVerbaende-D-AU-CH.php

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