Els Dequeker


P1 Elisabeth Dequeker, PhD, professor at the University of Leuven (Belgium), is specialized in Quality Assessment aspects of diagnostic laboratories. She is head of the Biomedical Quality Assurance Research Unit and she is quality manager at the University Hospital of Leuven for the Division Medical Diagnostics. She is a certified auditor of the Belgian accreditation authority BELAC and for European Accreditation cooperation. Furthermore, she is the leader of the training sessions on Quality Management and accreditation of the European EuroGentest project (2004-2014). Since 1996, she has been in charge of the annual organisation of European Quality Assessment schemes on cystic fibrosis (with up to more than 200 participating laboratories worldwide), and since 2009 she organized in collaboration with the European Society of Pathology EQA schemes for KRAS and other oncology biomarkers. She is co-chair and member of Working Groups CLSI, member of the quality comité of the European Society of Human Genetics and member of ISO / TC212 “Quality Management in clinical laboratory”.

  Email Els.Dequekermed.kuleuvenbe
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