Ulf Kristoffersson


P12 Ulf Kristoffersson is an experienced clinical geneticist. He has a bachelor’s degree in genetics, an MD, a PhD, and is associate professor in clinical genetics at Lund University. From 2000 - 2012 he was head of the Department of Clinical Genetics at the University Hospital in Lund in Sweden. He has been a senior clinical geneticist and consultant for more than 20 years, and had been one of the leaders in the development of clinical cancer genetic service in Sweden. He has an important role as head of the Swedish Clinical Cancer Genetic Group, and member of the Ethical Delegation of the Swedish Society of Medicine, as well as local ethical boards. He had been a university teacher since the early 70’ies, and published several compendia in association to university courses as well as recently a basic textbook for non-medical health professionals.

As a member of the European Society of Human Genetics’ Professional and Public Policy Committee he has participated in developing several society related professional guidelines, and he is also involved in similar work in the European Cytogenetics Association as co-chairperson of its permanent working group on Cytogenetics and Society. His research career was in the beginning focused on cancer cytogenetics, but gradually changed to cancer genetics and quality of provision of service. His interest in broad solutions on ethical and practical problems in provision of service in clinical genetics has led him to collaborate in several European projects, such as EUCROMIC where he was responsible for drafting pan-European guidelines for prenatal diagnosis, Gen Ed, CAGSE, EUROGAPPP, as well as being an expert in an OECD working group on quality assessment in molecular genetics.

  • Head of the Department of Clinical Genetics at the University Hospital in Lund in Sweden from 2000-2012
  • Senior consultant and scientist at the department of Clinical Genetics at the University Hospital in Lund in Sweden

  Email ulf.kristofferssonmed.luse
  Address Department of Clinical Genetics
University and Regional Laboratories
University Hospital
SE-22185 Lund
  Telephone +46 46 17 33 63
  Fax +46 46 13 10 61
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