How to prioritize genetic tests?

Comment now on a consensus document developed by EuroGentest and the PPPC (ESHG) on how to prioritize genetic tests.

How to prioritize genetic tests?

Resources are too limited to provide all beneficial genetic testing services available the next decade. Clinics may lack personnel and have waiting lists. Low and middle income countries may depend on commercial offers to be paid by patients themselves. Ethical and economic reflection on prioritization criteria is needed.

In a consensus process oriented at the principles of ''Accountability for Reasonableness'' points to consider for prioritization were developed. Participants collaborated in the EU funded research project EuroGentest ( and/or the Public and Professional Policy Committee (PPPC) of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG).

We now invite the ESHG membership to comment on the current version of the document, which will afterwards be sent to the ESHG Board for approval and to the European Journal of Human Genetics for review. 

Comments in the discussion forum are welcomed until the end of September 2013.

--> click here to go to the document on the ESHG website and comment on it

Also, suggestions can be sent by email to Franziska Severin. After approval of the ESHG Board all comments will be available from the lead author.


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