6th TECHGENE knowledge network meeting

‘The future of molecular genetic testing’

We hereby would like to invite you to the 6th TECHGENE knowledge network meeting, which will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands on March the 7th 2014. This meeting will be organized in collaboration with the EU project 3Gb-TEST.

The title of the 3Gb-TEST/TECHGENE meeting will be: ‘The future of molecular genetic testing’.

The meeting will be organized by:

  • the TECHGENE coordinator (Genome Diagnostics Nijmegen, Radboud university medical center, NL)
  • the 3Gb-TEST coordinator (Leiden University Medical Center, NL)
  • ServiceXS (Leiden, NL)

This meeting will consist of a symposium and discussions for a maximum of 175 participants.

This meeting will be focused on Whole Genome SequencingNIPT and other trends in genetic testing (click here for the preliminary program).

More details on this meeting will be displayed on the TECHGENE website (www.techgene.eu) and on the 3Gb-test website (www.3gb-test.eu) and will be send to you.


Registration is open via https://forms.lumc.nl/lumc2/meeting_070314

Attendance is free of charge however registration is required.

No registration is no admittance.


On behalf of Dr. Hans Scheffer (TECHGENE coordinator and Head of the UMC Genome Diagnostics Nijmegen Laboratory), Prof. Dr. Bert Bakker, (3Gb-TEST coordinator), and Prof. Dr. Bart Janssen (ServiceXS),

Daniella Kasteel

Project manager TECHGENE


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