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The outcome of genetic testing has a great impact on the life of patients and their entourage. The quality of genetic testing is thus of utmost importance but information on this topic is sparse or even intentionally absent. To remedy this EuroGentest released in July 2007, in collaboration with Orphanet, a public European QAu database with reliable public information about the quality systems of laboratories offering medical genetic testing. 

From December 2008, direct access through the EuroGentest Quality Assurance (QAu) data portal and search engine was discontinued and all quality assurance data for genetic testing in Europe are now accessible from the Orphanet website.

These quality data comprise information about the quality manager, about the accreditation status with a link to the accreditation scope if applicable, and about participation in genetic EQA schemes.

With the awareness of the central role of QAu, we believe that this database will benefit laboratories by encouraging and providing recognition of their investment in QAu and by the possibility of a better informed choice for referral of tests, consumers (patients, doctors, laboratories, etc.) by a greater transparency and a possibility of a better-informed choice, and quality organizations (EQA providers, accreditation bodies etc.) by greater visibility and recognition of their roles.


Specific searches:

Find information on a genetic diseases, genetic tests, quality assurance (QAu) for laboratories across Europe.


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