Workshops on accreditation in genetic testing laboratories


Our aim is to aid laboratories in the process of implementing and developing a quality system, in improving existing quality schemes and working towards accreditation (ISO 15189). Besides this, the workshops also contribute to the harmonization of the approaches to accreditation of genetic testing services in Europe.

Why participate

  • learn more on quality management and accreditation
  • improve your current quality system
  • share experiences

Further reading

An overview of pragmatic approaches to attain the levels of quality management required for accreditation according to ISO 15189, within the context of genetic testing can be downloaded at:

More information on the implementation of ISO 15189 in the PGD laboratory can be found here:

The following paper outlines the principles of validation and verification in the context of clinical human molecular genetic testing:

Workshop reports

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Types of workshops

Accreditation and quality management

General workshop for those who would like to start up or improve their quality system. In French and English.

Diagnostic validation

Workshop on the requirements for validation and verification of clinical molecular genetic tests regarding ISO 15189 and related issues. In English and French.

Management review, external quality assessment and internal quality control

Workshop tackling specific topics of the ISO standard such as management review, external quality assessment and internal quality control.

Internal audit

Specific workshop on the preparation, execution and evaluation of an internal audit.

Towards accreditation - Managing the human side of change

This workshop will give insight on the behavioral side of change and how to apply this in real life.

IT support

Learn what is on the market and which criteria are important when implementing electronic support for your QMS.

Round table sessions ESHG - Case studies on quality assurance and quality control issues in genetic testing laboratories

Short sessions at the ESHG to discuss on and share experiences with quality management and accreditation.

Quality management in your laboratory - how you can get involved

1-day workshop in local language covering the same topics as the general accreditation workshops.

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