Developing best practice guidelines for provision of clinical genetic service (Unit 2 WP8): discussion forum and survey

Unit 2 of the EUGT2 project is developing best practice guidelines for provision of clinical genetic service.

Interactions between different stakeholders and the difference between the diagnostic setting and predictive testing are the main themes in this project, see picture below for a graphical presentation of these interactions.

Are you involved in genetic services and striving for optimal collaboration and integration in health care?

Express your experiences and opinions about good practice in provision of clinical genetic service by taking our survey and/or joining the expert group in our web-based forum!

More and more medical disciplines are involved in genetic services and i.a. a shift from diagnostic to predictive testing is observed. A field moving this quickly now needs guidance in many countries.

We cordially invite all professionals involved in different fields of genetic services (including from e.g. primary care and different medical specialties) to give their input for the development of so called standard (co-)operating procedures.


To go to the survey click here.

For more information about the project and/or the web-based forum please contact Tessel Rigter.


The project group


Ulf Kristoffersson, MD, PhD, Associate professor, Lund

Martina Cornel, MD, PhD, Professor, Amsterdam

Research associates:

Lidewij Henneman, PhD

Tessel Rigter, MSc

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