Sponsoring partnerships

Why sponsor these workshops?

In order to open up the workshops for an even larger audience and to create sustainability towards the future, EuroGentest is looking for organizations willing to sponsor our workshops. The sponsor partnerships will not only benefit the participants to the workshops, for the sponsoring companies there will be a clear added value as well:

  • An improved knowledge of quality management in labs will ensure a correct usage of diagnostic kits so that they achieve all intended purposes.
  • During workshops the added value of using CE-labeled diagnostic kits will be discussed.
  • Companies/organizations who sponsor workshops can spread promotion materials to participants and hence increase their visibility in labs throughout Europe.
  • Better trained staff in the genetic testing labs will lead to more quality assurance of the results, which in the end benefits the patient.

Different types of sponsorships

In order to make the sponsoring as beneficial as possible for all parties involved, we offer organizations different types of sponsorships. Each organization is free to select a formula that is best suited to its own interests and needs. Here’s what we propose:

  • You can invite representatives of your client labs/hospitals to our workshops and take care of the costs for registration, travel and/or board. By doing so you reinforce customer relationships and provide the opportunity for your client labs to elaborate their knowledge on quality management.
  • You can sponsor logistics for a particular workshop on quality management and have your promotional materials spread amongst the participants.
  • You can opt for a presence of your company’s logo on the EuroGentest website, increasing your company’s visibility in labs throughout Europe.

Of course we are open to any other suggestions concerning sponsoring formula’s that you might have.

Contact information

Should you want any more information on the EuroGentest accreditation workshops for genetic testing laboratories and the possibilities concerning sponsoring partnerships, please contact:

Prof. dr. E. Dequeker
University of Leuven,
Centre for Human Genetics,
Leuven, Belgium

Address: Herestraat 49, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
Tel: +32 16 34 58 81
E-mail: Els Dequeker


Download a leaflet with all the necessary information.

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