Coordination and management of training activities, and dissemination

Workshops on quality management organised in EuroGentest NoE have proven that training is an effective way to transfer knowledge, but also to offer a service to the diagnostics community and package knowledge in a way that can lead to sustainability as centres are more likely to pay for the costs of training of their staff. Training as a technique to transfer knowledge will therefore systematically be applied to all WPs, leading to a coherent and comprehensive offer.

In the past, this offer was also driven by the knowledge creation rather than by demand. In EuroGentest2, the purpose will be much more demand driven. Not the scientists will define the format and contents, but the users, those who need the training to increase the quality of the (diagnostic) service. Training formats will therefore include workshops, but also seminars, symposia, webinars and whatever format best fits the need and purpose. Frequent contacts with Task Force Leaders and key collaborators for the different WPs of the 3 Task Force Groups (Units), to discuss, share and streamline the outcome of the different WPs will warrant improved dissemination, by training, symposia, etc.

The further development of the EuroGentest website is extremely important for the dissemination of information, and will receive increased attention. The use of webinars as an additional training tool for partners of networks of laboratories or other end-users will be evaluated.



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