Workshop - Towards accreditation: managing the human side of change


Implementing a quality system in a laboratory is not just about writing procedures and getting your document system right. Very often the biggest challenge lies in convincing your laboratory staff that this new quality management system has a real added value and in motivating them to actually change their behaviors.

In this workshop we want to provide you with some insights on the 'human, behavioral' side of change and we will present you some techniques to manage this part of the change process. We will use case studies and role play to help you apply these insights and techniques on real life situations.

Target group

The target audience of this workshop are quality managers, laboratory directors and everybody who is responsible for driving the qulaity management system in his/her laboratory and who needs to get the buy-inn of others.

The workshop language is English.

List of workshops

  • 7/8-02-2008 Nice
  • 30/31-05-2008 Barcelona
  • 20/21-04-2009 Leuven
  • 17/18-05-2010 Leuven
  • 3/4-02-2011 Paris

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