Work package 1 Quality Management for Genetic Testing Laboratories

The objective is to further increase the number of laboratories that obtain accreditation. EuroGentest NoE has offered guidance and training, guidelines and policy document, etc. This will now be forged into a training program, accessible to all.

This work package will enable and motivate more laboratories to prepare for accreditation. In addition, the work package will integrate and develop sustainable quality assessment (QA) provision in laboratories that are practicing and delivering genetic testing in all fields, including PGD and NIPD (which are services suffering from an exponential clinical demand). One end outcome of this work package is the number of laboratories that have started a QM system or have applied for accreditation following the training courses. In addition practical ‘hands-on’ training and educational tools for distant learning (webinars) will be developed which will be a special benefit to countries where no formal training currently exists.

A curriculum will be set up to improve collaborations between laboratories working under a QM system. This modular training programme, formalized as a quality assurance (QAu) curriculum, will be accessible to a collaborative network of laboratories.

The vertical action group of ‘training’ will be essential for continuation of existing training programmes and the introduction of a ‘Quality Assurance (QAu) curriculum’ for laboratories. Furthermore, sustainable mechanism(s) to continue and financially support the training workshops in the future can be established within the timeframe of this FP7 project. It is important to also transfer the knowledge to other interested groups (as exemplified by the collaboration with the Agence de Biomedecine, France).


WPLeader: Els Dequeker

Participants: Mike Morris, Emmanuelle Girodon, Marta Rodriguez de Alba

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