Workpackage 9 New and emerging technologies in genetic testing

EuroGentest2 will offer both a short-term and long-term exploration of the technological developments. Short-term is to explore and define current state of art of technologies to be used and to give support to implementation and validation. Long-term prospective will provide a horizon scanning and forecasting promising technological developments to the genetic testing community this to inspire further exploration e.g. in the form of integrated research projects.

This work package’s key objective is to integrate and enable the development of sustainable QA in laboratories that are practicing and delivering diagnostic testing including PGX and NGX.

To this aim, WP9 will organise three expert meetings on selected technologies, prepare policy documents (guidelines), and organise the annual ESHG – workshop on new and emerging technologies.

It will also organise three expert meetings to define the current state of the art, identify upcoming trends, and explore the short-term and long-term consequences of new and emerging technological developments, including PGX and NGX.

These workshops will extend upon the FP7 TECHGENE dissemination activities which aim at the widespread implementation of next generation sequencing (NGS) in Europe and beyond. This FP7 Coordinated Project, which has started February1st, 2009, includes the collaboration of partners who played a lead role in the EuroGentest NoE.

Also, a research agenda will be prepared. Technological developments will include next generation sequencing with a focus on targeted enrichment strategies. Eurogentest2 gets access to research results like the FP7 Collaborative Project TECHGENE, and through Eurogentest2, such projects will be able to disseminate results. There are also links to the Education and Management Division (EMD) of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC), and to the Integrated Project on Pharmacogenetics (IPPGX) of IFCC and the European Society of predictive Medicine (EUSPM); these will be involved in the training aspects.


WPLeader: Hans Scheffer,

Participants: Bert Bakker, Gert Matthijs


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